Size is a strong influencing factor in the human mind. Size plays an important role in sexual life.


Various studies suggest that women often associate their sexual gratification with the penis size. It was established through research that women found sex highly satisfying with men having large penises.

The scientific studies suggest that the pleasure zone of vagina only extends upto 2 inches below the surface, then why does size matter?

The answer lies within the nerves that are spread around the walls of the vagina near the cervix. Women experience immense pleasure when stimulated in this area. This pleasure is brought about only when the penis is rubbed against the vaginal canal.

The men with large penis sizes can accomplish this task easily as there is greater friction on the walls due to the large size of the penis. That is why many women prefer to make love with man having large penis.




PROMAX is formulated using herbal and natural ingredients which support peripheral tissue to perform enhanced erectile functions. These herbal ingredients directly work on endothelial cells which support enhanced blood flow to penile arteries and veins without hampering blood pressure.

These herbs also work as psychological energizers thereby reducing the stress and creating the right mood. This powerful penis enlargement pill works by improving the penis size, promoting pleasurable sexual activity, supporting strong erections, and improving sexual pressure and pleasure.



PROMAX is the only penis enlargement pill around market which practices the formula of “Three Star Growth Action”. “Three Star Growth Action” mainly refers to action of PROMAX over three months.


Month One

Three star actions for Month 1:

Many men have reported of increased longer sexual stimulation period following the usage of this pill. Most of the PROMAX users reported of the following effects within a month of usage:• Increased sexual stamina

• Increased penis girth, increased endurance

• Pleasurable orgasms and powerful sexual erection


Month Two

Three Star Actions for Month 2:

By the month 2 many men reported of increased girth size while in flaccid as well as erect stages. They also mentioned of a noticeable change in penis length. They uniquely responded that their penile erections got better by each passing day.


Month Three

Three Star Actions for Month 3:

Many men happily addressed their enhanced erections and size of penis in erect and flaccid stages. They also talked in great detail about their reformed sex lives. They were excited with the healthy improvement in sexual performance with PROMAX.


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