PROMAX – is powered by unique proprietary blend of potent herbs and natural ingredients, which are known as powerful sexual stimulants. Here are some of potential functions supported by herbal ingredients found in PROMAX:

  • Stretching penile muscle to increase penis size in length and girth
  • Improving the Blood Flow to Penis
  • Increasing Sexual Sensitivity
  • Increasing Sexual Stamina
  • Curbing Sexual Stress
  • Inducing Rock Hard Erections

PROMAX gains its character and form from following herbal and natural ingredients:

Maca extract :

Maca extract is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Maca extract was found to have a profound impact on sexual performance. Maca extract supports production of testosterone. Maca was also found to be beneficial in improving the problem in men with mild erectile dysfunction. The men who were administered on Maca extract diet for some time reported of increased sexual potency and improved sexual life.


L-Arginine aids in production of sperm. The herb is also used in the preparation of medicines that aid in curbing ED. L-arginine was found to support the production of nitric oxide. It also improves the functioning of heart which in turn improves the sexual stamina.

Tribulus terrestris extract:

Tribulus Terrestris is known to stimulate production of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone. The extract is popular for its high aphrodisiac activity.

Avena sativa(Oatstraw) extract:

Oatstraw extract is known to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol and heart disease both hinder sexual performance.

Epimidium extract(Horny goat weed):

Epimedium is valued for its medicinal properties. The herb is known to have strong aphrodisiacal properties. The herb is also known to aid in production of nitric oxide, which makes it one of the prominent herbs used for curbing ED. The extract is rich with a chemical called icariin which mimics the effect of sildenafil.

Ginkgo biloba extract:

Gingko biloba promotes blood circulation to different parts of the body. It is used to treat various blood circulation related issues. The extract was known to have significant impact on improving the blood circulation to penis.

Panax ginseng extract:

Panax gingseng is a well-known sexual stimulant. The herb was used for treating sexual dysfunction in men. Panax gingseng is also well-known for its adaptogenic effects.

Saw palmetto extract:

Aborginal Americans used this extract in treatment of reproductive system disorders. The extract is widely used in treatment of sexual disorders and infertility issues.

Tongkat ali extract:

Tongkat ali extract works by aiding in production of testosterone. The extract is also known to increase the instances of strong and powerful erections.

Nettle root extract:

Nettle root extract was known to aid in production of testosterone and boost sexual pleasure.

Cayenne extract:

Cayenne extract is known as an overall sexual stimulant. It is known to increase hormonal levels and aids in sexual performance.

Licorice root extract:

Licorice root is normally used as powerful sexual stimulant and is used for promoting sexual health.

Zinc oxide:

Zinc oxide is a powerful sexual stimulant.



Piperine increases libido and promotes sexual functions.


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